Wine Club Sets Sail !!!




Fun time for all at March Wine Club


  1. Murdocks:

    The event was one of the very best and we’ve been attending for 10 years! This is a HOT committee! Wines were excellent, even the dessert wine, which neither of us are usually crazy about. Food was superb and service great. Entertainment was great fun–even the conga line. We had THE BEST time.

  2. Bob Maurer:

    This wine club party was the best I have been to in a long time. The hosts put a lot of thought and work into it and it paid off. It was spectacular. Kudos to Wendell for the food. It was as close to gourmet as you can get. The mushroom(shitake)carbonara was excellent,the grouper and rib cut was good,…and the dessert was perfect as was the port that went with it. The decorations and pics were great and everyone seemed to be having fun.

  3. Did everybody have as much fun as Wanda and I? Food was great. What a great job the committee did. Led by Pat and Mary Ann Ouellette the club house looked like a Disney Cruse Ship. Great job everyone and looking forward to the next one. Michael Sherard

  4. Anonymous:

    I heard this party was spectacular. Who is in charge of the theme and decorating. Would love to see more photos.

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