Why I Love Living in McCormick, SC

Spring in South Carolina is one of those enchanting times that come around year after year and always amazes anyone who lives here. Why, because of all the flowering trees, vines and bushes that seem to know the perfect time to intoxicate all of us with their fragrance and beauty.

Take for instance the Wysteria plant. Cultivated species include Japanese wisteria (Wisteria floribunda), native to Japan and the hardiest member of the genus; American wisteria (W. frutescens), native to the southeastern United States.

Bob and I have been fortunate enough to have purchased a home in McCormick, SC that had mature vines throughout our backyard. Though it is a very aggressive plant, we decided from the beginning to let it thrive as long as it did not kill our trees. The results have been incredible.

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Our backyard with Wysteria growing up 100-foot pines.
The smell is like nothing you have ever taken in!

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