The Hummingbirds are back!

It is only March 25 and the Hummingbirds are back. I filled a feeder a few days ago, just to see. Sure enough, while reading a book on my back deck this afternoon, the little guy made an apprearance.
Video: Incredible Agility.


  1. Mary Westgate:

    Mark your calendars: Tuesday, April 17 at 4 p.m. at the McCormick Library there will be a special program you won’t want to miss. Carolyn McIntyre, a teacher and corporate presenter will recreate in authentic costume, the story of Mary Draper Ingles. Mary Ingles’ life was retold in the bestselling historical novel, ‘Follow the river’ by Alexander Thom. In 1755 she and was kidnapped from her homestead and marched along the New River and Ohio River to (site of) Cincinnati. The story of her escape and survival as she made her way hundreds of miles back home is thrilling.
    This program is sponsored by Friends of McCormick Library and the S. Carolina Humanities Council. Please plan to join us.

    Mary Westgate for
    Friends of the Library

  2. Linda Liddiard:

    Brrr..they won’t be in central New York til Mother’s Day..I can’t wait to see them..great picture..maybe we need to move south soon???

  3. I love this video! How do they capture these little friends when they are so quick…..

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