Thank You From Afghanistan

Dear Ms. Hogg, Ms. Houin, and OPERATION: QUITE COMFORT, I am writing to thank you for your kindness and generosity. We have received the packages in Afghanistan that you sent from South Carolina and Indiana. You will be happy to know that all of the “goodies” are being put to good use. I have attached a picture of our platoon, so you can see all the people that your efforts have directly assisted. We are a medical platoon that provides emergency and routine treatment to a Battalion of over 700 Soldiers. We are currently conducting operations with several different Special Forces units that require a lot of our Soldiers to be living in austere environments with limited access to the pleasantries that you have graciously provided. We have made sure that your items are being pushed out to those Soldiers who need it most. As for all of the stockings (over a 100 in total!) that you sent us, we have been distributing those to the lower-ranking Single Soldiers who may not necessarily have families to send them Christmas pleasantries. You will be very happy to know that your kindness is putting smiles on the faces of all those Soldiers In addition to the material items, we especially thank you for your kind words and committed support. Also, thank you for the continued support of all men and women in uniform. We can only imagine how much time and energy that you put into OPERATION: QUIET COMFORT! I can definitely assure you that your efforts are making a huge difference in the our lives. So thank you! From all of us here in Afghanistan, we wish you and your loved ones a blessed holiday season! Take care. Very Respectfully, Jack _________ 1LT, MS Task Force ______ Medical Operations Director. This was received this morning. Thank you again. Jan Hogg 391-2801

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