River Kayak Adventure

Join Us For A Day Of Fun!
Runnin’ the River Kayak Trip 
The Outdoor Adventure Club invites you to join us kayaking the Broad River in Bowman, Georgia.
When:  Monday, July 6, 2020, at 8:45 am
Where:  Sandbar on the Broad River, 3435 King Mill Road, Bowman, GA  30624
Meeting Location:  Recreation Center Parking Lot, Savannah Lakes Village
Cost:  There is a $25 fee per person for this event.  The cost includes a sit-upon kayak (we recommend you use theirs), paddle, life vest, and shuttle service to the launch location upstream. This money is paid directly to the Sandbar when you arrive, not SLV.
We will meet at 8:45 am in the Recreation Center Parking Lot in Savannah Lakes Village.  Travel time from SLV to the Sandbar Livery is about 1 hour, 15 minutes.
This excursion will give the opportunity to paddle a kayak through moving water. It is recommended that you have had some experience in a kayak, even if it is just on flat water, before trying this event.  We will spend time in the water at the beginning going over the basics of how to read the river to locate the best path to follow as well as practicing turning, and the paddle skills needed to negotiate the moving water and obstacles. It is a day full of fun. You will get wet. Please keep in mind that this event is dependent on the amount of water flow available in the river on this date. We will be checking the water levels daily prior to the event. If they appear to either be too low or unsafely high, we will cancel the trip and notify you as soon as possible.

More information is available on the Sand Bar website:  www.thesandbarbroadriver.com
Please bring a Photo I.D, sunscreen, facemask (for situations where social distancing is not possible), and water.  Also, bring a lunch to eat along the way down the river and maybe a snack for when you get off of the river mid-afternoon.
We ask you to follow the CDC and SLV guidelines of social distancing and the cleaning of your hands.
Please email Karen Greene (greene.karen.125@gmail.com) by July 3rd to sign up for this event.  Further details along with additional information will be provided after sign up.
You must be an Outdoor Adventure Club Member to participate.  OAC Member Registration is available at the Recreation Center.  Registrations may be completed by telephone.  Please call 864-391-4180 to join!
 For event sign up or questions contact:
Karen Greene

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