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Gastronomy, wine, tradition, atmosphere, presentation, unusual, these words are some of the most valued when in search of a great restaurant. A meal is not just about feeding an appetite—it’s about sharing the full experience with friends and family—and some wine, of course! What better time to share your find with those living in the Savannah Lakes Village area. Summer is almost here and eating out “just happens.” So lets share those treasured moments and tell us what you thought about your restaurant experience and how to get there.


  1. Don Garman:

    Well, I didn’t tell the truth in the last post because I’m not writing about Escargot as promised. Next one for sure, however in this post I will whet your appetite for something that is filling, delicious and serves the public safety community in South Carolina.
    Last Monday, Sandy Branch Fire Department was given two SELF CONTAINED BREATHING APPARATUS (SCBA) by the Firehouse Subs Foundation. The presentation was at their outlet in Greenwood on By-Pass 72 between the Verizon Store and Starbucks out in front of the Greenwood Mall. After the presentation and interviews, we were invited into the store to have lunch. I must admit I had never previously had a sub from any Firehouse Subs location, but I won’t let that happen again. In the past I have always gone to the other chain like we have in McCormick. Without a doubt I can state that the Firehouse Subs quality was better and the quantity was better than any chain sub shop and most of the mom and pop stores I have visited.
    I had a Hot Italian Sub on a whole wheat roll with a pepperoni, genoa salami, and ham with just the Italian dressing and provolone melted over it. It came out quickly with a large Dill pickle spear and a drink. The sensation of that first bite was fantastic. While I limited the condiments to the Italian dressing (it does have a snap to it) there is a wide selection of condiments and other items like jalapeno peppers to add not to mention a lineup of hot sauces that has to cover the entire world of hot sauce. Others had their signature Hook and Ladder with the same rave reviews.
    Since the inception of their grant program through the Firehouse Subs Foundation, over $500,000 in equipment has been donated to South Carolina public safety responders. Over three million has been given in total since the program began. This is a business that deserves support for all the right reasons; the product is great, they are run by very hardworking people, and their public service is unheralded. And yes Firehouse Subs was started by real Firefighters. So the next time you feel the need for a great sandwich, stop in and get your choice of hot or cold subs. And please don’t forget to leave a small donation in their collection box at the cash register which is also added to the Foundation. You will feel good all over, especially with satisfied taste buds!

    • Michael Sherard:

      I agree Don. Have had subs there often and they are the best. Great job on your post, please keep it up.

  2. Dot sherard:

    Some entertaining hints I’ve received and used over the years. 1. Candles will last longer if placed in freezer for at least 3 hours before burning. 2. Old wax in candle holders? Freeze for few hours, turn upside down and the wax will fall out. 3. Don’t throw out your left over wine. Freeze into ice cubes for future use in casseroles or sauces. 4. Dump your ice container, spray with Pam or other nonstick variety – ice will not freeze to the bottom. 5. Have built-up in bottom of vase – fill with water, drop in two Alka Seltzer tables. 6. To clean sink drain – use 3 Alka Seltzer tables followed by a cup of White Vinegar. Wait few minutes, run hot water to flush.

  3. Don Garman:

    One of the joys of travel is to eat in various restaurants you find along the way. Hopefully this note and the ones to follow will bring a smile to your face and get the mouth salivating for something tasty.
    I have always been intrigued by Onion rings. I think back to my travels on business to California and to a place called Tony Roma’s Ribs in Newport Beach (little did I know at the time that this was a chain having been started in Florida, I think Miami). I went for the ribs but they also had their signature “Tower of Rings” so I ordered it. They certainly were great and that really started by quest for the perfect onion ring. While I am not a gourmand, I do feel qualified to state that we are in luck here in SLV. Maybe it was the lack of expectation, but for my money and enjoyment, the best darn onion rings around can be found at Hardees in McCormick. I will not comment on the balance of their oversized mouth challenging burgers and sandwiches, but their Onion Rings are Number !. We didn’t have Hardees up north so it is another hidden pleasure in the CSRA and SLV.
    Next time, Escargot. Don Garman

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