Quilters and Stitchers

Hi everyone. I have heard that your club is very active and is always doing something fun. A new resident, Anita Passofaro said she got to see some of the most amazing and beautiful quilts she has ever seen. I sure would like to know more about when you meet and see some photos of past projects. Even if some of us can not sew, at least we can enjoy the fruits of those who can. Please share!


  1. Melinye B:

    Hi Linda;
    I am a novice at machine embroidery. I have had my embroidery machine a few years now and still learn a thing everytime I stitchout!

    Would love to me a new neighbor any time.

  2. Ann McNab:

    Hello Linda, I belong to a group that crochets and knits prayer shawls, infant hats, and various other items. My neighbor belongs to a craft group that works with yarn and various other crafts. We do have a strong group of quilters and many seamstresses in the village. I would like to suggest that you contact the MACK (art center). Seems that they are often raffling off a quillt and I think that they could tell you who to contact. I will ask around.

    • Linda Liddiard:

      Ann..I just learned to knit..I am all “fingers” right now..! I really enjoy it on cold winter days..and I will check with the art center..thanks for the info.do you know anyone who does machine embroidery? send them my also!

  3. Linda Liddiard:

    I would love to see some pictures and hear about what the crafters/quilters/seamstresses are doing in SLV..We are visiting and thinking of making it our home..I am an avid fabricoholic! What”s in your stash??

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