Pete Nico for SLV Board.

Meet Pete Nico:

Hello SLV Neighbor,
My name is Pete Nico and I am running for a seat on your SLV Board.
My vision for SLV is simple: Make SLV the shining jewel on the South Carolina freshwater coast, buildinga “Gotta Live Here” destination and experience.
I bring an attitude of “let’s try it” that is key to seizing opportunities to move forward.

Why Pete Nico? I bring a new attitude and a fresh approach. I have a proven record of over 40 years managing teams and budgets. I have experience bringing vision to reality. I have 5 years of experience serving on my Lake Owners BOD in Michigan. I have demonstrated a willingness to serve our community on the Strategic Planning Committee {Sec. and Chair), ACC Dock Subcommittee {Chair/Sec.), Power Squadron (Boating Activities Chair, Member at Large). I have organized and delivered Community wide activities through the Power Squadron (See the Lake, Fall Color Tour and The Great American Eclipse Cruise).

To achieve the vision:
1.  Develop a Growth Strategy. I will work to forge a coalition of POA, Real Estate and building
partners {and a developer when we get one) acting together to build and sell SLV. LET’S TRY IT!

2. Develop a Plan for People to Stay in SLV. Create housing options, grow service providers, expand
health care {especially urgent care) and develop transportation. I will work with local providers,
committees and the POA to develop the plan. TRY IT!

3. Establish clear Goals and Objectives for Community Performance. Why?

We need to improve community performance and maintenance by reducing waste and
increasing utilization of these amenities. We need to know if we are making progress. Do we
know what we are wasting? Do we have a plan to improve? Is this the best we can do? We need
a measurement and improvement plan. TRY IT!

Please see my video for SLV which is on the SLV website main page.

Vote for Pete Nico for SLV Board of Directors during the voting period from October 9 to October 27.
If you want to help, please forward this note to your neighbors and encourage them to vote for Pete!
Thank you for time and your support.


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