MCC members smash lap records

MCC members smash lap records in Geriatric Grand Prix at AMP OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA McCormick Car Club ventured to Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP) in mid-March to test high performance driving skills in karts on the AMP kart racing course. Although the window of opportunity for these guys to compete in Formula One has come and gone decades ago, they had a blast. In alphabetical order the starting grid was composed of: Don Atwell; Alan Berger; Allen Freeland; Ron Lalli; Steve Laponte; Mike Morrett; Neil Reichard; Scott Reichard; Allan Shefield; Larry Stawick; Bob Stockton and a buddy of Stawick’s named Mike visiting from Chicago. Gayle Shefield joined the fun to take photos and cheer her hubby along, without any apparent effect. The AMP staff outfitted everyone with helmets, and even a driving suit if desired. Every one of the 12 of us participated in an initial orientation lapping session and two 10-lap qualifying sessions. Every lap was timed to the third decimal digit, and drivers had an opportunity to check their performance between sessions. The afternoon concluded with a 15-lap “feature” race. As you can see from the attached photo gallery (thank you Mike Morrett), the podium was topped by Freeland, who ran away from the rest of us during the feature. Stockton finished second (first in the geezer class), and Scott Reichard, a mere whippersnapper, was third. Freeland’s champagne spraying skills were lacking. This was the second kart adventure for the club. Five of us went to Carolina Motorsports Park (CMP) south of Charlotte last year. By comparison, the CMP kart track is flatter with tighter turns, and the karts were in better shape. The AMP track featured some interesting elevation changes, sweeping turns and a very helpful staff. AMP is about to receive a dozen new karts. Our next trip will be a return to CMP, date TBD. Stay tuned, because our first trip attracted five; our second drew 12; who knows how many will want to come the third time? The club’s next big event is our McCormick Spring Bonanza Car Show, Saturday, April 20. Contact Mike Morrett for further info.

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