Lake Thurmond

                                                                           Lake Thurmond has 1200 miles of Shoreline                                                                          



Living in the South means lots of lakes and outdoor activities. Because I live on Lake Thurmond and know it best I am going to highlite it.  The only recreational, retirment community on the lake is Savannah Lakes Village. It borders 20 miles of shoreline on Thurmond Lake. Eighty percent of Thurmond Lake’s shoreline is undeveloped and borders National Forest and State Parks. Wildlife is abundant on the lake and it is not uncommon to see Bald Eagles while boating. All owners of waterfront properties in Savannah Lakes Village are guaranteed a boat slip. The 70,000-acre fresh water lake is the third lake in a chain along the Savannah River, an area known as South Carolina’s “Freshwater Coast.” The lake features 1,200 nautical miles of shoreline, which (to put into perspective) is more than the coast line of California. Thurmond Lake is one of the southeast’s largest and most popular public recreation lakes. Built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers between 1946 and 1949 as part of a flood control, hydropower, and navigation project. The lake is now used for recreation and fish and wildlife management. Each year, millions off people utilize the many public parks, marinas, and campgrounds conveniently located around the lake to pursue a variety of outdoor recreational experiences -making Thurmond one of the 10 most visited Corps lakes in the nation. Thurmond Lake borders Georgia and South Carolina on the Savannah, Broad, and Little Rivers. The lake is created by Thurmond Dam located on the Savannah River twenty-two miles above Augusta Georgia and 239.5 miles above the mouth of the Savannah River. The lake extends 39.4 miles up the Savannah River, 29 miles up the Little River, and 6.5 miles up the Broad River in Georgia, and 17 Miles up the Little River in South Carolina, at normal pool elevation, Thurmond Lake comprises nearly 71,100 acres of water with a shoreline of 1200 miles. The lake offers a variety of recreational opportunities. Outdoor water-related recreation abounds at Thurmond Lake. Swimmers delight in the sand beaches and designated swim areas located in many Corps recreation areas and campgrounds along the shoreline. The lake affords the avid sports fisherman and the weekend angler equal opportunities for a rewarding fishing experience. Coves and areas of quiet water provide the water skier with excellent surfaces on which to pursue this sport. Thurmond Lake appeals to boaters of all kinds, whether their specialty is canoeing, kayaking, sailing or motor boating. Picnicking with your family and friends, sightseeing, and other outdoor experiences can be enjoyed at the many public recreation areas located around the lake. The dam’s 23 spillway gates are each 40 feet wide and 35 feet high and a spectacular site when the gates are open. The lake is a warm body lake so the swimming is sensational, the water is clear and free of weeds. Boating, swimming, fishing, water-skiing, are always the best on Lake Thurmond. Stripers are often caught in the lake along with Bass, Crappie and other fish. We spend from March until December on the lake and will be sharing with you our photos and videos. Hope you will do the same! To view Real Estate on the lake




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