Lake Talk

Talk about a magnificent week-end. My husband, myself, along with another couple were out on the lake  Sunday, March 18, as well as our two small dogs. Summertime in March, can you imagine. Anyway, we had found an island just north of Elijah Clarke State Park last year and decided to give it a visit. We liked the island because  we could take our dogs and let them run!  We had called it “Dog Island.” Well, when we went to the island last Sunday, there was a Canada Goose just off shore. Of course, our little dogs had to investigate and chase the goose. Before long, they had found a nesting hen and off she flew. There were at least 4 geese on the island and that meant Chaos with the dogs. Good thing the adults were along to supervise. We soon departed and found another spot! There are so many beautiful islands on our beautiful lake, actually Lake Thurmond boasts of over 200 of them. Now who would miss the traffic and congestion of city life when it is so easy to have a very relaxing day on an island and not worry about your puppies getting into “trouble,” What a great place to live……Can you believe spending the afternoon on the lake this time of year???  Gayle Sheffield

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