This year I am determined to learn how to kayak. Is there anyone out there who knows of anyone who gives lessons? They would also have to have a kayak for me to use. I am not sure I want to invest in one until I know I can do it. I am always out on the lake and see folks kayaking.


  1. Gloria Bramble:

    Thanks, in advance, to any of you who may answer our call to come volunteer to help with the July 3rd Kayak Olympic Adventure at Baker Creek Park starting at 7pm. Our Olympian kayakers will be going to the boat ramp area at the north end of the Rt 378 Bridge, but volunteers and spectators should go directly into the park at the main entrance on Huguenot Road. Remember to bring a chair and any non-alcholic drink if you’d like. A little bug spray might not hurt either—just in case a Georgia mosquito crosses over the lake.

    Just a gentle reminder that there is a $2 park fee ($1.25 for seniors 65+) for each person. Small fee for such a spectacular Olympic event!! Please have exact change, if possible, to speed things up. The same fee applies to the Olympian kayakers at the launch area.

    If you’d like to come by boat, special seats are reserved in isle H-20 (get it?)

    Feel free to call Gloria Bramble at 391-5996 with any questions.
    See you on the 3rd.

    Janie Clark and Gloria Bramble – coordinators of Kayak Olympic Adventure hosted by Thurmond Lake Sail & Power Squadron.

    Gloria Bramble wbramble@wctel.net

  2. Bob Maurer:

    Hi Linda,
    I am throwing my name out to you to try and help you with any questions you may have about Savanna Lakes. I understand you are interested in learning more about SLV. We have been here over eleven years and should be able to answer any questions you may have ( if I don’t know the answer, I can refer you to someone that can,like kayaking).. My wife, Marian and I have experienced most of the activities here or are familiar with them.

    • Linda Liddiard:

      thanks..we are looking forward to the trip..what is the water temp right now?

      • Libbi:

        Hi Linda,
        The last time we checked the water temp it was 55. Not bad for winter. In summer it ranges between 85 – 95 & is to very refreshing. The water is very clean also. Do you do other water sports in addition to kayaking?

        • Linda Liddiard:

          I tend to be the “observer” most of the time..we love to fish and just go along the shore and watch nature! We wouldn’t rule out anything at this point!

  3. Libbi & Bill:

    Hi Theresa,
    We’d be happy to take you for a paddle and we have kayaks to share, as well as paddles and vests,( depending on the size). Anyone else out there wanting to give paddling a try?

  4. Linda Liddiard:

    check out LLBean..they sell complete kits for the whole experience..I kayak even in the 40 degree lake in central new york..it is the greatest sport..you will love it..just get in and start paddling..it is worth the investment. I have a “sit on top” one by ocean Kayak..definatgely safer when my 70# lab likes to sit on the front!

    • Libbi & Bill:

      Hi Linda,
      Our names are Bill & Libbi McGreevy. We recently moved to SLV from Ca. and we love to Kayak. We find the Little River Blueway a fantastic area to paddle. Like you, we go all year and have the dry suits to prove it. If you’d like, and if you have time, we’d love to show you a little of our favorite paddling spots when you come down. We have 2 extra sit inside kayaks for vacationing friends. We have paddles, life vests, you will just need your paddling clothes. Looking forward to meeting you.

      • Linda Liddiard:

        Between golf and having Michael show us the area..I hope we have a few free moments to meet some of the residents, we just had 2 inches of the “white stuff” fall here! Thanks for the invite!

        • Bob Gregory:

          Hi Linda,

          I was talking to Michael Sherard today and he told me that you had looked at our house on Esmont Drive recently. We built it new and lived there full time for four years and loved every minute of it but had to move to Pennsylvania for personal reasons. If you need any additional information or have any specific questions regarding the house, you can get in touch with us by phone or email through Michael.
          Bob & Laraine Gregory

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