Kayak Nature Trip

RE: Kayak Nature Trip
Linda McClintock and I just happened upon thousands of crappie fish spawning in Baker Creek a few years ago. I talked to the ranger and he said they’re at it again. So we are going to launch from Baker Creek ramp (beside the Rt 378 bridge) at 1:00 on Saturday, March 30 and paddle down the creek. Anyone is welcome to join us. Can’t promise anything but a we’re sure to have a beautiful paddle down the creek on what should be a WARM day. (Well, 67 degrees will feel warm by comparison to what we’ve been having!). And we just might get to witness the spawning. Ya’ll come.


Gloria Bramble wbramble@wctel.net


  1. Michelle:

    Sounds like a lot of fun. Do you know if there is somewhere that rents kayaks?

    • Libbi McGreevy:

      You can rent kayaks that come equipped with a life vest and whistle, the safety equipment legally required to paddle.

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