June 28th Fishing Report

Freshwater Fishing Trends – June 28

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Fishing trends courtesy www.SCFishingReport.com. Check the site for recent updates and detailed reports.

Mountains Area

Lake Jocassee: (unchanged from June 21)
Trout: Good. Fish at the intakes early in the morning and pulling spoons for the first few hours of daylight. As the sun rises moves out to the main lake and fish both spoons and live shiners.
Black Bass: Fair. Schools of post-spawn fish are very visible around secondary and some primary points. They are feeding on minnows and chasing bream, but getting them to hit a lure can be difficult. Downsizing your tackle and fishing slowly may increase your catch rate. Flukes and other soft plastics are a good bet. The best bite of the day may be around the intake towers early in the morning when water is moving.

Lake Keowee:
Largemouth and Spotted Bass: Fair. Summer patterns are in effect with a lot of fish suspended in deep water. Scattered all around the lake and are following bait. Some are caught on dropshots. Best bet is early in the day before the sun gets hot.

Lake Hartwell:
Largemouth Bass: Fair. Suspended over deep water 40 to 60 feet down and over long points. Topwater is fair to good throughout the day.
Striper: Good. Stay in the main channel from mid-lake to the dam and off long points in 40 to 60 feet of water and over trees at 35 to 50 feet.
Channel catfish: Fair. Fishing around main river points in 15 to 20 feet of water.

Piedmont Area

Lake Russell:
Largemouth and Spotted Bass: Fair. Until the sun heats up Zara Spooks will catch fish on the surface. Once the sun gets up fish will start to move into timber about 20-30 feet deep where they can be caught with a Texas rigged worm pegged behind a 3/16 ounce sinker.

Lake Thurmond:
Striper: Food. Fish are in their summer pattern with best results near the bottom in 20 feet of water. Hybrids are being caught along with white perch. The bigger fish are down to 60 feet near the dam.
Crappie: Fair. Fish at 20 feet around the channels and look for brush. Minnows are producing.
Largemouth Bass: Good. Best results in deep water with some schooling reported.

Lake Wylie:
Largemouth Bass: Fair. Fish are being caught all over the lake from the bank out to 20 feet of water. During the day Carolina rigging has been most productive, and at night both worms and buzzbaits have both been working. White

Midlands Area

Lake Greenwood:
Largemouth Bass: Fair. Sportsman’s Friend reports that early morning is your best bet along block walls and docks. Use plastics around 15 to 20 feet and later in the day use deep running crank bait. Some schooling activity before the sun gets hot.
Crappie: Slow. Fish at night under lights.

Lake Monticello:
Catfish: Fair. Free-line drifting with small cut bait and stink bait is catching some fish. Anchoring with cut bait is also effective.

Lake Wateree:
Crappie: Fair. Fish are all over lake in brush. They go deeper once the sun rises. Stay in the main lake and out of the creeks for best results. Try minnows.

Lake Murray:
Striped Bass: Good. Fish are scattered from the dam deep in 60 to 80 feet down to Shull Island on down lined live herring.
Bream: Good. Under docks and around shallow structure bluegill are being caught, and shellcrackers are being found in 6 to 12 feet of water around points and islands.
Crappie: Fair. Best fishing is over brush piles 20 to 30 feet deep using live minnows. The middle of the lake is the strongest bite.

Santee Cooper System
Largemouth bass: Slow. Fluctuating water levels and hot summer temperatures are making for a tough bite, and the few fish being caught are generally coming on soft plastics.

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