Guns and Ammo Discussion

Many of you have ask members of the Rod & Gun Club this question – “What gun should I buy” – followed by “What ammunition should I buy. Well as advertised on our calendar, Ed Strickland will be here at the Activity Center on August 7th to present to you everything you wanted to know about handgun selection. The discussion will start at 7:00 PM. Ed will bring items for show and tell and will also be ready to answer any questions you might have about guns, ammo or things going on around us. This is a good opportunity for the experienced and novice alike to come and get some additional knowledge. We all learn something every time and who knows, the last learning could be the most important.
Ed is a retired Parole Officer from Abbeville and teaches the South Carolina Concealed Weapons Course. Currently you will find him on certain days at Hunter’s Headquarters in Greenville. Many of us who have been here awhile went to Ed’s class. He was certainly knowledgeable and entertaining.
This discussion is open to all villagers. We hope to see a good turnout for this informative discussion. Invite your neighbors and friends that have interest.
Please send and email to Mark Young at so that we can prepare for the appropriate number of folks who are coming.
Hope to see you all there.
Mark Young


  1. Don Webb:

    Gun novice class;

    My wife, Kathy, and I recently took Mark Mathys’ class for the gun novice. It was very informative and well done. The class took about three hours and emphasized the new gun owner’s legal responsibilities and commitments in SC when becoming a gun owner. There is no charge for this Community Service class and it is the perfect first step for anyone who is considering getting training for a Concealed Weapon Permit. (CWP) The class is very relaxed and there is plenty of time to ask questions. For those who already have a CWP, taking Mark’s class for review should be strongly considered. Mark covers aspects of the law that there may not have been adequate time for when you initially got your CWP.

    Mark is a State Certified Instructor and a member of the NRA. He is also a certified gunsmith.

    For further information contact Mark at 391-3137 or

    Don Webb

  2. Mark Young:

    Hi Mark, Hope you have a great turn out. This is great for those of us just getting started.

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