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  1. Fred Richter:

    Tickets go on sale Thursday, Feb 21st at 9:30 at the Activity Center for your Community Theatre’s new play “A Tomb With a View” by Norman Robbins. Performances will be Saturday, March 16th at 7:00, followed by Friday, March 22nd at 7:00 and Sunday March 24th at 3:00. There will be a cash bar and free snacks will be included. Tickets are $12 and seating will be at tables of 8 as usual. There is no limit on the number of seats that one person can purchase.

    This play is a hilarious comedy thriller that we think you’ll love. In a sinister old English mansion where a very rich man has died and left a few million pounds, his dusty old lawyer is about to read the will to the departed’s unusual family and some other unexpected beneficiaries when the mystery unfolds.

    It’s a great, well-written script and will be done by a terrific cast of your friends and neighbors.

    The play is open to the public as well as SLV residents.
    Fred Richter

  2. Dave Lorenzatti:

    Time is running out to get your tickets to see Franc D’Ambrosio, who
    thrilled audiences when he starred as “The Phantom of the Opera” on Broadway
    for 10 years. He will appear at Lander University Thursday, Feb. 7, at 7:30
    p.m., in a show called “Franc D’Ambrosio’s Broadway,” presented by Greenwood
    Lander Performing Arts. On Wednesday, he will audition local singers to
    appear with him on stage Thursday in the roles of Christine and Raoul from
    Phantom. This promises to be an evening of superb entertainment by a veteran
    performer of stage, screen and television. Tickets are available online at or by calling the GLPA office at

    Dave Lorenzatti
    Greenwood Lander Performing Arts

  3. Fred Richter:

    SLV Community Theatre auditions for Winter Love at the AC at 4:00 Thursday
    Fred Richter

    Fred Richter

  4. Fred Richter:

    Your Community Theatre is expanding to find more ways to offer you quality entertainment beyond our 2 on stage live plays each year. Please watch for new and exciting events coming up.

    We’re looking for more talent. Not just for live plays, but for other forms of entertainment.
    We’re hosting a wine and cheese reception at our home on Kingfisher Pt. on Sat, Aug 4th at 7:00 PM for anyone interested in participating in various forms of entertainment (on or off stage) for SLV. At this point, we’re very open to new ideas and are considering such things as an SLV’s Got Talent Night, various improv’s, dancing events and performances, possible musical performances, outdoor performances and more – all in addition to our 2 live plays each year.
    If you have ideas along these lines or would like to participate in any way in entertaining the Village, come out and join us on August 4th, or call or email me.

    We will be offering Acting Classes by a life-long professional actor/director around the end of August/beginning of September at our Activity Center. If you’re interested, call or email me for more info.

    Upcoming Calendar:

    Our Fall Play (which will be a WORLD PREMIER), “Winter Love” by Susan Hoerger, will be performed on October 26, 27 (evening) and 28 (matinee). Save the date!

    A fabulous, professional dance performance featuring a wonderful variety of dancing for your entertainment- ONE NIGHT ONLY – Friday Jan 18th. Save the date!

    Our Spring Play- (to be announced) March 23, 24 and 25. Save the date!

    We hope to be announcing more very soon, including a few possible surprises.


    Fred Richter
    SLV Community Theatre
    319 Kingfisher Pt
    Savannah Lakes Village
    McCormick, SC 29835
    Fax 864-642-2094

  5. “The Curious Savage” is well worth your time and money! It is a charming story and our SLV actors are spot on! Excellent job by the entire cast. Don’t miss it.

    Faith and Merv Murdock

  6. Michelle Emery:

    I’m excited about this blog. Great idea. Can’t wait to read more! Who wouldn’t want to live in the South?

  7. Fred Richter:

    Tickets for good seats are still available for the three performances of your Community Theatre’s spring performance which promises to be the best mystery comedy ever by the Village’s all-volunteer acting group. “THE CURIOUS SAVAGE”, written by John Patrick will be performed at the Activity Center on Friday, Mar 23rd and Saturday, Mar 24th at 7:30 and on Sunday, Mar 25th at 3:00. As usual, snacks will be included and a cash bar provided. Tickets are priced at only $12 and may be purchased at the Activity Center or by phone, using your credit card or member charge by calling 864-391-4180 .

    This play is a great mystery/comedy and is sure to touch home for many who can relate to the experiences portrayed. Mrs. Savage’s husband dies, leaving ten million dollars to her and it quickly becomes a target for her greedy and powerful stepchildren. They try everything to get control of the money until she gets help from some unlikely new friends. Her struggles to do good things with the money result in a wonderfully funny and touching series of unexpected events.

    Come see and support your friends and neighbors who have been working very hard to provide you with wonderful, quality entertainment. The actors are Kathy Becker, Kathie Marathon, Fred Richter, Kathy Godby, Tom Newman, Fran McClain, Gary Marathon, Dan Tutt, Chuck Neilson, Mariska Young, Lynn Bush and Baron Trupp. It’s produced and directed by Fred Richter, and the crew and supporting members are Glen Ridgway, Bill and Mariska Young, Jerry Kulba, Fran Becker, Jeanne Blanchek, Gary Marathon, Kathie Marathon, Forrest Gilmore, Andy Warwick, Bill O’Neill and Angelina Richter.

    You could be part of this fun group as well. It’s not just about acting; there is a huge variety of activities that uses many interests and talents from technical to artistic and decorating to woodworking to organizational functions and more.

    For more information, call the Activity Center at 391-4180 or contact Fred Richter at 602-1219 or email at

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