Power Squadron Golf Group

On Wednesday 15 October twelve Power Squadron members ventured out to Monticello Golf course to play a scramble competition.  The foursomes consisted of Russ Griffith, Gary Shafer, Larry Yeaster and Lynn Yeaster in group one; Doug Chailfour, Brian gore, Gail gore and Pat O’Neill in Group two and Jerry Basch, Marianne Chalifour, Chuck Cook and Ellen Cook in group three.  The results show that the competition was fierce.  Group one scored a 40; group two scored a 38 and group three scored a 37. Group three (the Basch group) won by birding the final two holes.  Congratulations to the Basch group.

Following the golf, many Power Squadron members met at Pat and Bill O’Niell’s house for drinks and lunch.  Lunch was pot luck and our Administrative Officer arraigned to have roasted chicken.  ROASTED CHICKEN?  In the south?  Yes – not fried.  It was delicious.

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  1. Bob:

    What a Great looking group, They were having so much fun! Is this the Power Squadron navigating the golf course?you lose a lot of balls playing the Lake!

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