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Open House a Success!

Open house at 226 Jeffrey Lane.   There was lots of interest in this beautiful golf home. We are so sorry we missed those who could not make it. If you have an interest in this home we can make arrangements for a private showing. Just give us a call at 864-443-2221 and ask for Michael.    


FOUNDATIONS OF AQUATIC EXERCISE Wanna get (back) on your feet again? Doc says get into water but wonder what to do there? Can’t quite yet manage a class of 20 to 30 students? Want to really LEARN how to work the water and your posture and muscles, safely, correctly, to a healing and workout benefit? Want some written exercises in case you forget? FOUNDATIONS OF AQUATIC EXERCISE is designed especially for you! You must be […] 

Kayak Nature Trip

RE: Kayak Nature Trip Linda McClintock and I just happened upon thousands of crappie fish spawning in Baker Creek a few years ago. I talked to the ranger and he said they’re at it again. So we are going to launch from Baker Creek ramp (beside the Rt 378 bridge) at 1:00 on Saturday, March 30 and paddle down the creek. Anyone is welcome to join us. Can’t promise anything but a we’re sure to […] 

Healing Through Nutrition

Cooking with Linda Williams Wednesday, February 6th at 2:00pm Healing Through Nutrition Hippocrates “The Father of Medicine “stated let food be your medicine and medicine your food. Learn of foods we can use to enhance our wellness and resolve health issues such as reflux, diabetes and heart disease. Enjoy tasting healthier dishes you may have never tried before such as Kefir, Tofu pudding, Kombucha, Quinoa salad, raw freezer fudge and more. There will also be […] 

My Top 10 Healthy Eating Tips Lucia Getsi

My Top 10 Healthy Eating Tips Lucia Getsi   1. No woman over the age of 65 needs to be consuming more than 1800 calories per day on a day to day basis unless she is very tall or getting a huge amount of cardiovascular and strength training exercise.  At 5’2’’ with a healthy amount of exercise (one hour with hr at above 120 bpm) 6 days a week), 1500 calories, heavy on the protein […] 

Calories Burned in Water Work

Calories per Hour burned in Swimming: 300 (Picasso at 91) to 500 (average) to 2000 (Michael Phelps in 76 degree water) An hour swim can provide an excellent workout, especially if you vary your strokes to use your muscles in all the different ways you can use them while streamlining in the water. If you weigh 150 lbs, you burn about 500 calories during that time, swimming at a moderate rate of speed with good […] 

Monticello Reopening Celebration

CART PARADE UPDATE: The correct e-mail address for reserving one of the limited carts is . See corrected flyer below. BBQ DINNER UPDATE: Please pre-purchase your tickets at the Tara Clubhouse on or before Friday, August 10 for the Sunday evening (August 12) Pulled-Pork BBQ dinner. Call 391-4163 or stop by the Tara Clubhouse. If BBQ is not an option for you, a chicken breast may be substituted with your meal. Please make mention […] 

Guns and Ammo Discussion

Many of you have ask members of the Rod & Gun Club this question – “What gun should I buy” – followed by “What ammunition should I buy. Well as advertised on our calendar, Ed Strickland will be here at the Activity Center on August 7th to present to you everything you wanted to know about handgun selection. The discussion will start at 7:00 PM. Ed will bring items for show and tell and will […] 


THE THURMOND LAKE SAIL & POWER SQUADRON WILL BE TEACHING THE “BEGINNERS BOATING COURSE” – STARTING July 24! The “beginners boating class” known as America’s Boating Course (ABC) will give you the knowledge you need to make you a competent and safe skipper! America’s Boating Course covers all aspects of boating: boat handling, docking, right of way, anchoring, aids to navigation, required equipment, state laws, boating emergencies and more. This four day course is taught […] 

What Determines the “Level” of an Aquatic Fitness Class?

  What Determines the “Level” of an Aquatic Fitness Class? Aquatic Fitness Topic 3   There is no one standard that is universally applied to the level of difficulty or intensity of aquatic exercise classes. There is no one designation either, though you can generally be sure that a program called “Aquacise” or ‘Water Aerobics” will be aimed at very general populations and to beginners and therefore will not be an advanced aquatic fitness class.  […] 

Wine Festivities for June

On June 1st, the dining room at the Tara Club House was festooned with big, bright, colorful tissue paper flowers (many, many flowers),a perfect backdrop for the SLV Wine Club “TAPAS” dinner.  The menu was spectacularly crafted by SLV Executive Chef Wendell Brewster and served by his outstanding staff.  Each Tapas course was designed to showcase a different Spanish wine chosen by the hosting committee.  Simply put, Spanish Tapas are small plates of food served […] 

Exercise Tips

SLV Talks Aquatic Exercise Tips: 1 Water gives you 12 times more resistance than air and will work your entire body during vertical exercise (unlike streamlining as in swimming) up to 44 times a similar workout on land, depending upon the muscle balance, strength and flexibility you bring to the water. In order to keep your balance and maintain good posture, water recruits the muscles of your whole body, especially your core muscles. To get […] 


Please join us for the June Tennis mixer on Saturday June 29th. We will have a fun time playing tennis in the morning and having a great pot luck for lunch! Check in with coffee and rolls is at 8:30am and tennis begins at 9am. The sign up sheet is at the RC. Deadline for sign up is noon on Wednesday June 26th. Everyone is welcome. This is not a tournament, just fun tennis for […] 

Car Club

  Members of what is now the McCormick Car Club held their first meeting last November, and now are 40-plus members strong. The group owns an eclectic group of vehicles: hot rods, muscle cars, sports cars and more. The club has a website, member directory, events calendar, logo and is in the process ordering club golf shirts and caps. Car shows, cruise-ins and more are on the schedule. For more information, contact Larry Lovely @ […] 


The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) is a lineage-based membership organization for women who are descended from a person involved in United States’ independence.[1] DAR has chapters in all fifty of the U.S. states as well as in the District of Columbia.  DAR’s motto is “God, Home, and Country.” Some state chapters of DAR date from as early as October 11, 1890, and the National Society of DAR was incorporated by congressional charter in […]