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McCormick Farmers Market Coming Soon

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Abbeville Flower Show

 If you have not been to the Abbeville Flower Show, this is the year to go. The gardens of south Carolina have never been more beautiful and will be on display in the form of amazing arrangements so get out and smell the roses! It’s a great adventure for the kids also. It’s for all those that love the beauty and splendor of nature at it’s best.  


 2013 McCormick Garden Club Garden of the Month 304 Heather Point in the Magnolia area of Savannah Lakes Village is the address of an absolutely beautiful well-manicured and tastefully designed yard created by Mike and Toni Chandler.  The Chandlers moved to their home in 2003 and developed a landscape plan that works well for the terrain and animal invasions so prevalent in the community.  Included in their design are many pallets of North Carolina rock […] 

Underground Railroad and Quilts!

Underground Railroad and Quilts! On Friday, April 19th. at our own Cotton Gin there will be a presentation on the topic, an opportunity to pre-view the Garden Club’s juried flower show and dine under a canopy of historic quilts. This is a collaboration by the McCormick County’s Historic Commission, Garden Club and Visitors Council to continue putting McCormick on the map to draw tourists, pay back to the community and in this case raise funds […] 

August Gardening Tips

Horticulture Tips of the Month: Water figs deeply now as they begin to ripen. Harvest every morning, before the birds can do their damage. The soil in outdoor clay pots dries out quickly. Poke holes in it with a pencil to make sure water saturates the soil when you tend your plants. The best way to control snakes is to remove their habitat. Move log piles, leaf piles and rock piles to the edge of […] 

Gardning Tips for May

Horticulture Tips of the Month: •  No matter which grass, your turf will look its best if you follow a calendar of maintenance tasks. • Treat for azalea lace bugs if you’ve had problems in the past. Insecticidal soap, horticultural oil and synthetic insecticide chemicals all work well, sprayed under the leaves. • Look for tiny “toothpicks” on the trunk of your Japanese maple, Kwansan cherry and other small landscape trees. The Asian ambrosia beetle […] 

Japanese Maple Tree

I know our local UPS man sold out the maple trees two week-ends in a row, So I thought I would do a little research on our trees and share with everyone. I have planted my trees in pots and am going to try my hand at Bonsais. Acer palmatum ‘Inaba Shidare’ One of the best lace leaf cultivars for hotter climates, it’s name means “like the cascading leaves of the rice plant” and has […] 


Send me your photos of the beautiful flowering trees and what ever else is blooming.I will get them posted for you. Wisteria (also spelled Wistaria) is a genus of flowering plants in the pea family, Fabaceae, that includes ten species of woody climbing vines native to the eastern United States and to China, Korea, and Japan. Aquarists refer to the species Hygrophila difformis, in the family Acanthaceae, as Water Wisteria. Some species are popular ornamental […] 

Tips for the Month of April

Horticulture Tips of the Month:April Divide over-wintered baskets of Boston fern into four sections. Plant new hanging baskets using two sections of fern in each. • Green grass in a Bermuda lawn is probably Poa annua (annual bluegrass). You can try digging it out but, better yet, make a mental note to put out weed preventer next September. • Plant dahlias, elephant ear, gladiolus and caladiums now. • Prepare spots where you intend to sod […] 

Follow the Bloom

 The Garden Clubs of South Carolina, Inc. presents Follow The Blooms TM 2012 Proceeds from this tour benefit the educational and cultural efforts of The Garden Club of South Carolina, Inc. Join us as we visit gardens across South Carolina: A statewide tour spanning four weekends. As highlighted in the March issue of Southern Living Magazine! March 24: Holly Hill, Santee, Allendale. Kick-Off Luncheon near Bowman. April 1: Hilton Head Plantation, Hilton […]