AC4me Week Three

Week 3

On this very rainy Christmas Eve, there are only two brief items on this week’s SLVTalks memo:


First:  From the staff of the Activity Center, have a very Merry Christmas.  It is our wish for all of you to be safe and enjoy your family and friends this wonderful holiday season.


Second:  If you happen to be one of the many people trying to keep your weight down this Christmas season, try this tip;   take 1/3-1/2 of the food portion you would normally put on your plate.  Eat slowly, and go back for seconds only if, after approximately 20 minutes, you still feel hungry.  My guess is you will no longer be hungry, you will have eaten considerably less, and you won’t feel overstuffed.  Do the same thing with your dessert, and your alcoholic beverages. 

Enjoy your holiday!




  1. All AC4Me classes are up and going strong now, so you’ll want to join us for great workouts and great camaraderie. The next Dance Fit class is 4:30p.m. on Jan. 24 (Thursday). Yup, it is a dance–actually about 10 dances–AND a fitness class, so wear light clothes and a good pair of shoes so you can move freely and sweat. When we hug each other goodbye at the finish, WE SLIP-SLIDE AWAY!!!
    And you can get into any of our great water classes and you won’t even know that you’ve sweated you’ll be so wet.

  2. Mary Ann Charnes:

    Great program.

  3. Mary Ann Charnes:

    Looking forward to participating in AC4ME.

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