AC4me Week 6

Week 6

Getting and Staying Active

                Okay, you have made the decision to become more active and develop a healthier lifestyle, but, do you know the reasons why you should stick with the program?  We will spend the next couple of weeks going over some of the reasons why you should develop a life-long love for exercise and healthy eating.  Let’s get started.  Are you ready?

                Before you increase your activity, take a look at where you are now.  Ask yourself these questions:

o   Is physical activity safe for me?  Before you start your exercise program, talk with a doctor, especially if you have any concerns.  Talk to your doctor before you start any exercise fitness program. 

o   What challenges get in my way?  Sometimes things will get in the way of you becoming more active.  These may be a lack of time, having no one to exercise with, or a fear of getting hurt. 

Changing your thinking:  If you need to make some lifestyle changes to become more active, you will have more success if you first change the way you think about certain things:

o   Don’t compare yourself to others.  Healthy bodies come in all shapes, sizes, and ages.  One person’s choice of activity won’t be right for another person.  Some people use fitness to become Olympic champions, while others use it to feel as good as possible.

o   Think positive.  You can help yourself succeed just by thinking that you can succeed.  If you give yourself negative feedback, such as “I can’t do this.  Why bother?” – Change will be harder.  But if you encourage yourself with thoughts like “I can do this,” you can raise your odds of success.

Changing your habits:  Making any kind of change in the way you live your daily life is like being on a path.  The path leads to success.  Here are the first steps on that path:

1.       Have your own reason for making a change.  If you do it because someone else wants you to, you’re less likely to have success.  Know why it’s important to you to meet your goals.

2.       Set goals.  Include long-term goals as well as short-term goals that you can measure easily.  Reward yourself each time you reach a goal.  (But not with an ice cream Sundae!)

3.       Think about what might get in your way, and prepare for slip-ups.

4.       Get support from your family, your doctor, your friends, and from yourself.

5.       Measure improvements to your health.  For example, keep track of your blood pressure, cholesterol, or blood sugar.  AC4Me Staff will be available each Monday beginning at 9;30 a.m. to help you monitor your blood pressure and weight.  Measure how long it takes you to walk a mile today, and then shorten the time it takes you to walk a mile.  Keep track of your success.

6.       Have a Buddy to walk with you, work out with you and encourage you.

Be sure and check out the list of classes that are available for you to attend.  Join in the fun at Gina’s Country Line Dance class; or get fit with Dance Fit; join water aerobics or land aerobics.  Just be sure you make the move to start moving.

Next week we will give you a list of all of the benefits you will get out of your workout program.  Happy Exercising!

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