Ac4me Week 16

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Week 16

Well, here we are on the final week of AC4Me, and it is our hope that all of you have seen some great results, not only in your weight, but in your strength, lower triglycerides and cholesterol, blood pressure and energy levels.  We are optimistic that you will all keep up the good work and continue on the path to a very, very healthy future.

We asked for some of your feelings about AC4Me, and received some rave reviews about the staff, the weekly weigh-in procedures, and of course, seeing all of your friends and neighbors weekly at the Activity Center.

The AC4Me Program also encouraged many of the participants to “stretch out” a bit and try other venues for exercise.  Many of the participants found ways to exercise that they never dreamed they would have enjoyed.  What a great testament to all of the talented instructors and their motivational skills.

With the weekly check-ins, some of our participants found they needed to stay more informed about their blood pressure levels.  This is very important information for them to have and discuss with their physician.

 There were many accolades for Stretch and Tone, a “something-for-everyone” class, with the overall opinion that it should remain on the roster of classes permanently.  We are delighted you enjoy the class and you are seeing benefits.

Overall, I would say the AC4Me Challenge of 2013 was a great success, based on all of your input.  We are not done yet; our final challenge is the Walk/Run on Saturday, April 6.  We hope to see you all there; we will be cheering all of you to the finish line.

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  1. Linda Geiffen:

    I really enjoyed the extra motivational thrust AC4Me gave me. Next year, when you do this, please weigh in on Fri mornings if possible. It would give me a chance to get rid of the pounds added over the weekend! Also, Pilates would be a great exercise for the core, which is a big challenge for us as we get older. I liked the info on e-mails. Also, a variety of exercise is so good because we use different muscles every time we change it up.

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