AC4Me- 2013- Mark Your Calendars!!

AC4Me- 2013- Mark Your Calendars!!AC4Me, the “FREE” Savannah Lakes Village Fitness Program starts soon!! Just in time to start your new year out right! Let us help you make it your healthiest year ever.This is your chance to spend 12 weeks doing nothing but good things for your body!! During those 12 weeks, we’ll help you get on track.We’ll give you GREAT healthy eating recipes and suggest exercises to get you back in shape, and we’ll provide motivation and ideas on how to do it! Your Activity Center Instructors goal is to help you reach your goal to look better and feel better than you have in YEARS!! Sign-up starts this Monday, Nov 12that the AC. The Kick-Off Program will be presented Monday evening, January 7, 2013 at 7 pm in the McCormick Room. At that meeting, everything about AC4Me2013 will be explained, but, if you can’t be at the Kick-Off, that doesn’t mean you still can’t be in the Program. The first time you check-in we’ll provide you all the information you need. Check-ins will be every Monday from 9:30 a.m.-11am starting January 14th and ending April 1st . Also, while we would like you to check-in every week, we understand that you have travel plans and visitors so you might not be able to make it every Monday, That’s why this year we will be sending a lot of information through email and AC4ME newsletters. We have some exciting new fun ideas this year!

We’re excited about the Program and we’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

AC4Me 2013- Sign-Ups Starting November 12th at the ACAC4Me Kick-Off January 7, 2013, at 7 p.m. at the AC Check In Dates-Every Monday from 9:30 a.m.-11 a.m.

The program is free

Classes are $3.50 daily fee or your Membership.


  1. Lucia:

    Hi everyone on my fitness lists,

    The AC fitness instructors are going to hold “AC4Me” again this year. This is a free healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise program that we ran several years ago but everybody got worn out and it was put on hiatus. It starts again 2nd week of January (7th), so in about 6 weeks, and goes through April 1. This is a great program, and it is free for AC members or for the daily fee. When you sign up, and I hope you do, you will be put on an email list of bunches of new classes to try out and free demonstrations, new things in all the current classes, special presentations, special help in the fitness room, pool, and games areas, special instruction in a host of fitness and health-related topics, great recipes, a weight loss nutrition and exercise program you can sign up for–so much stuff I cannot list it all. We are planning and pulling it all together now, so if you have particular wants, tell us. You Sumba people, I will whet your whistles with this tidbit: Dance Aerobics, taught by Paula and me, is coming back for AC4Me(think Sumba-ish, expanded), probably sometime later Thursday afternoons (if you have a preference, let me know). Our website is, many thanks to Savannah River Realty and Bob and Theresa and Michael. The first posting is already on it. There will be a surge of postings in December and January and through spring, so get your name on the email list. However, you can go to the open site regardless. Also on, is my fitness and health blog. I have four or five articles on there and send new ones about every two or three weeks.

    The thing is, sign up! with your email address you’ll be online and in the swing of it all–

    So (to the tune of New York, New York) “START SPREADING THE NEWS . . . ! We’re on our way! You’ll want to be part of it! AC4Me!

    These vagabond suits and shoes
    They are longing for use,
    a workout or a dance or dip
    In AC4Me!!

    My little town calorie blues
    They are melting away
    I’m gonna make a brand new start of it
    In AC4Me!!
    [ Lyrics from: ]
    If I can be healthy there
    I’ll stay healthy anywhere!
    It’s up to you
    in AC4Me!!

    (Corny, I know. Lived in Illinois too long to lose the corn. )

    See you all in the water or on a floor come January!!
    (and sorry if you get this twice–you probably do lots of fitness to get on on so many lists!)

  2. Hugh & Sandy Mahoney:

    Please sign us up, looking forward to it!

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