2017 Benderdinker Kayak Event

2017 Benderdinker Kayak Event in Augusta

             The Annual Benderdinker at Betty’s Branch in Augusta will be held on Saturday, April 29, 2017.  The Outdoor Adventure Club usually has a group of people who attend this wonderful event each year.  This year they will stage the kayaks/vessels in the same way they did last year in 1/2 hour intervals with the first departure at 10am and the final group at 12pm on Saturday morning.  Keep in mind that they bring in the music and food from the river around 12:30 so you will want to be in one of the earlier groups to be able to enjoy them.  You may check-in Friday evening (5:30-7 pm) and leave your kayak/vessel there over night (they have people on sight to watch them).  The other option which many of us prefer is to check in on Saturday morning (8-10am).  If you choose to check in on Saturday morning you probably will not be in the first group and may not make the second group unless you get there early.  As people check in and arrive they usually put their kayaks in the first group that has space.

            This year the paddle will feature performances by Me & Molly, Nick Brown, McKenna Hydrick and more.  The cost to participate in the Benderdinker is $40 per vessel.  For those of you who are not familiar with the Benderdinker, it is a leisurely 6 mile paddle beginning at the Boat Ramp at Betty’s Branch.  Along the paddle around the island, there will be various pontoon boats where music is played.  It is fun to stop and listen a while at each of these sites.  You may also find a pontoon or two along the way offering snack items such as a breakfast cookies, boiled or roasted peanuts and a pork & vegetable tamale as well as water and sweet tea refills.  However, it is wise to bring water and a snack along with you on this paddle as well.

            For more information about the Benderdinker or to register, go to benderdinker.com.  Please read the “Paddlin” page on the website to see what is included in the $40 registration. For planning purposes please e-mail
Linda McClintock lindamacmcclintock@gmail.com
if you will be attending the Benderdinker.unnamed

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